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Empowering Authors to Take On The Market Their Way

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Getting a book finished, published, and marketed can be one of the most confusing endeavors on the planet.

Everywhere you turn, SOMEONE has an opinion about how to get the next step in your process done. And usually, that opinion contradicts the one you just heard. Wouldn’t it be great to work with ONE PERSON who focused on customizing all that information to YOUR unique situation?

I said the same thing when I experienced that same frustration as an author.

So I became that person.

As an author development coach, I work with you to overcome the confusion of navigating the myriad of resources to get your book out to the public with your vision and message intact.

Whether it’s finding your passion, delivering a quality edit that accounts for your vision and genre conventions, narrowing down publishing options, or brainstorming marketing ideas, there’s one thing I’m passionate about: seeing you get your book(s) out into the world, your way.

             ~Janeen Ippolito