More Than Dragons – World-Building, Story-Telling, and Speculative Fiction

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I’ve heard it said that speculative fiction is the same as regular fiction, only with dragons. To a certain extent, this is true. Speculative fiction and non-speculative fiction both need to have solid story structure, compelling characters, vivid description, good editing, and a snazzy book cover to lure in readers.

This argument, that speculative fiction is ‘fiction with dragons’ or ‘fiction that asks what-if’ is meant in part to decrease divisions. Speculative fiction is not so different from the rest. We can convert any speculative story into a non-speculative story, and make it just as compelling, because really, the core elements are the same.


But if that’s the case, then why write speculative fiction at all? If dragons are just metaphors for trials of this life (or angels or dogs or unexpected blessings, etc), then why use them?

It comes down to story. It comes down to world-building. And…

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