World-Building Wonders – A Quick Glimpse of Little Folk

Welcome to another installment of World-Building Wonders! Find an escape into an author’s awesome world — and worldview! Today’s featured author is James Puckett.

Perhaps the main world-building component of my current WIP involves a group of people that are about six inches tall in comparison to most of the rest of the characters. Although the premise for the smaller folks came to me in a dream, there are a couple legends in the Pacific Northwest that helped me fill in some blanks: Artesians were little forest dwellers who supposedly brewed Rainier Beer, and Sasquatch (Bigfoot) originates in a Native American story about a giant figure who lurks somewhere in this area as well.

I was on vacation in a much warmer climate than the Pacific Northwest and just before waking, I vividly ‘saw’ a few little people climbing out from under the dresser in my room. The vision was so impacting to me that I ended up building a story around them.

One unique issue has been that the tenor, timbre and volume of the tiny voices are out of proportion and either deafening (“Why are you yelling?”) or unintelligible . The tiny facial expressions are mostly unreadable (“Sarcasm, much?”) by the big people and I am continually needing to solve the height difference during conversations. Sometimes this is accomplished by the big people lying down on the floor or the little people making their way to a counter top. Just keeping the little people alive in a ‘big people’ world has been difficult, and sometimes (spoiler alert) impossible, since they fall somewhere between a cockroach and an angry squirrel on the food chain.

Something as simple as shrinking a few characters leads to food, clothing and shelter issues as well. I have great respect for writers that invent new galaxies. I am having my work cut out for me by people the size of my hand.


James Puckett is a carpenter and a construction project manager by day. He lives in a suburban south of Portland,  Oregon with his wife, a nurse,  plus two cats, a dozen chickens and a rescue rabbit. He writes speculative fiction and poetry. He loves the old sci-fi authors, faerie tales, and the American classics: Huck Finn, Last of the Mohicans . . .oh, yeah, and Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. He will soon be editing his current 100k word WIP, Smaller.

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