Fellow Authors are Friends, Not Food/Enemies: A Healthy Perspective on Author Networking (Realm Makers blog)

(This week I’m featured on the Realm Makers blog! Check out the excerpt below!)

No man (or woman) is an island.

This is doubly true in the world of marketing. An essential part of building your platform is networking with other others and connecting with their platforms for mutual benefit. One small voice in the thousands of books published daily will have a real hard time getting noticed. Ten voices, twenty voices, a hundred voices? A thousand? More? All combined?

Now we’re getting somewhere.

So what, you just make friends with other authors. Sounds easy, right? Except for one thing. We often see other authors as the dreaded C-word. Competition. Especially if they’re in the same genre or have similar themes to our own work. Obviously, readers will only choose one, and we’ve gotta be that one, right?

Wrong. Entirely wrong.

Think about how you read your favorite genres. If you’re an urban fantasy fan (which I just might be) do you sit there and say “oh good grief, I can only read one series for the rest of my life! Make it good, people! Fight for my vote!”

Or do you say “Hee! All the shiny books! I really hope they’re all well-written, because then I can keep reading forever!”

(HINT: avid readers, who you want in your tribe, fall into the second category.

Go to the Realm Makers blog (click here) for the rest of the post, including five ways to OWN author networking!

Other authors are friends, not food/enemies: a healthy perspective on author networking

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