What’s Your P.U.S.H.?

The PUSH – the special sauce of all of my coaching. Know yourself and use your unique strengths, life experiences, and skills in your writing career! The PUSH exercises cultivate a deep self-awareness of your Passion, Underlying Worldview, Self-Motivation, and Happiness Quotient in relation to your writing and your long-term vision. This self-awareness enables you to move ahead confidently in your writing and marketing life with focus, clarity, and a fresh sense of fun!

Professional Experience

  • B.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, Informational Writing, and ESL

  • Author of World-Building From the Inside Out (textbook and workbook)

  • Author of supernatural/suspense Blood Mercy:Thicker Than Waterparanormal romance satire Hearts Ablaze, and steampunk fantasy adventure Lawless:The Ironfire Legacy (Book 1)

  • 8 years of professional teaching experience and continuing education credits in elementary, secondary, and adult classrooms

  • Edited short stories, articles, research papers, novels, and memoirs

  • 8+ years of critical book reviews with focus on content analysis, world-building, and market evaluation

  • President/Editor-in-Chief and Production Head of Uncommon Universes Press LLC

Coaching Programs

All coaching sessions include follow-up emails with notes and suggestions, as well as customized homework and worksheets (as necessary).

  • Tagline Coaching ($50/1 hour)
    A good tagline invites your reader into your passion, your purpose, and your brand as an author! Taglines are one of my favorite things to problem-solve, and I would love to help coach you through yours. We figure out your audience, your genre needs, and brainstorm a winning phrase that captures your core as an author!

  • Problem-Solver Special ($50/1 hour)
    Got a thorny plot problem you can’t figure out? Need a fresh look at a website, blog, or social media element? Have a gut feeling that something is wrong with your story vision, but can’t figure out what? This one hour check-up is your answer! Get 1:1 attention and personalized feedback to get you back on track with fresh ideas and inspiration! Uses proven Write Inside Out assessments and includes a follow-up email with notes and advice.

  • Foundations of Fiction ($400 for six 1-hour sessions)
    A pre-drafting step-by-step look at all aspects of your writing project, from plot to characterization to hitting the genre conventions. Avoid common mistakes, get personalized coaching on your writing goals, figure out your PUSH, and learn new tips and tricks customized to get you on your way quickly and effectively, while still enjoying the journey.

  • Prep-to-Pitch ($500 for six 1-hour sessions)
    You have that manuscript polished for publishers–but what about the rest? A one-stop shop for all of the preparation you’ll need to make a great pitch or query to an agent or publisher. Start off with that critical PUSH evaluation, then combine that self-knowledge with a social media check-up, query letter assistance/editing, pitching practice, and one-sheet/book proposal advice–all from an industry professional!
    (Add on a personalized strategy evaluation of your manuscript with feedback on genre, audience, marketing targets, and long-term vision. $200)

  • Marketing Analysis and Review ($400 for six 1-hour sessions)
    Have a backlist and/or publishing experience, but still searching for a tribe? Tried all the trendy strategies and tactics, but feel like your brand is scattered? Struggling to keep up with the demands of all these different marketing tools? This program is for you! We start with an evaluation of your PUSH, then take that self-knowledge and analyze each aspect of your marketing set-up for efficiency, effectiveness, and authentic connection opportunities with your tribe. Come away with renewed confidence, focus, and action-items!

  • World-Building Integration ($400 for six 1-hour sessions)
    Go deep with your world-building and make your story irresistible! This speculative fiction track review analyzes your world-building: how you’re using genre tropes, where you have unique elements, and problem spots that might need a little more clarification. Includes notes and suggestions for how to make your story hit the subgenre sweet spots for readers, while also being unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

NOTE: I offer flexible payment plans for every budget!

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