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Speaking Inside Out

  • 8+ years of professional teaching/speaking experience to students of all ages

  • B.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, Informational Writing, and ESL

  • Passion for hands-on instruction that meets individual needs

  • Maker of killer Power Points and dry jokes (not literally killer…although there’s a great story idea)

Teaching/Speaking Options

  • World-Building From the Inside OutThe Workshop

  • Fundamentals of Fiction: Inside Out – The Workshop

  • The Reluctant Writer – Getting Plot on the Page Without Losing Your Mind

  • Using Humor in Fiction

  • Tweets, Blogs, and Book Signings: Make Marketing Work for You

  • Writing In the Margins – Refining Goals and Finding Time When It Doesn’t Exist

  • Characters and Contrasts – Using Opposites to Amp Up Your Fiction

  • Traditional, Indie, and Hybrid Publishing: What Are They and Which is Right for You?

Contact me at janeen.ippolito@gmail.com to open a conversation – or simply fill out the form below!


Testimonial from Publishing Talk

“I came away having received a comprehensive sweep of the publishing universe, a sweep that was just the right depth for the time allowed. Janeen Ippolito has a lot of positive energy. There was a very real sense that success in this field is possible. You believe it and that comes through. It takes guts, grit, and insanity, but what are writers if not gutsy, gritty, and nuts? I would recommend Janeen to writing, publishing, and editing classes, and writing conferences.”
– Dan Williams
Geneva College Professor

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