“You actively listen. Also, you diligently try to understand your client. You meet people where they are and discover personal experiences that have shaped the business/writing they are doing. You’re not just going to offer some quick fixes, but dig deeper by asking thoughtful questions to help clients better understand themselves and their motivations in moving forward with marketing their work.”
-Laura Pol, Book Blogger at Unicorn Quester
Services: Tagline Coaching, Nonfiction Marketing Coaching, Website Content Editing

“Had an absolutely wonderful coaching/brainstorming session with Janeen Ippolito. She helped me get my general author tagline down, which is J.M. Butler: Journeys Through Wrong Destinies. It was a fun and casual chat with a lot of talk about stories. Some questions and talk of audience and working off the questionnaire, and hey presto! She came up with a beautiful little tagline that does encompass most of my stories. I definitely plan to work with her again. ”
-Jessica Fry, Author
Service: Tagline Coaching

“Janeen’s insights on character development and plot structure took my novel to a whole new level. She is a creative, patient guide who pushes authors to their fullest potential while celebrating their unique stories and voices.”
-Sarah White, Fantasy Author
Services: Ongoing Content Editing Service and Author Coaching

 “Janeen’s advice on my world-building helped me highlight my characters’ personalities through creating contrasts in their society, and her encouragement to look for humor brought cultural scenes to life in a whole new way.”
– Bethany Jennings, Author of Threadbare and Dragon Lyric
Service: Author Coaching

“As an editor Janeen provides an essential but rare combination of understanding of genre expectations while recognizing and fostering unique ideas. She’s available for collaboration, brainstorming, and support. I recommend her services to anyone looking to strengthen the themes of a book, tighten the plot, or fill in the gaps.”

“In marketing coaching, Janeen provided a focus that helped me tighten my author platform to something unique to me but definable and marketable. She guides without pressure and never pushed me to do something I felt was inauthentic to myself and my stories. If you’re struggling to find the proper voice to represent your stories, her service can be a big help.”
-H.L. Burke, Author 
Services: Content Editing and Author Coaching

“After I floundered around in a swamp of vague character traits for a week, Janeen pinpointed the central issue with both my character and my thought process behind the story. She knows the questions to ask that make ordinary characters extraordinary and extraordinary events believable.”
-Anne Jones, Author
Service: Author Coaching

“What I found most helpful during our meeting was Janeen’s insight into the marketing world and her complete openness to share tips and advice with me. I look forward to using the information she offered to improve my author brand and marketing skills now and in the future. I’ve learned how to better connect with the different reader communities that I want to target with my work, and how to make myself stand out in such a huge crowd of writers. The knowledge I gained from speaking with her is invaluable and I am beyond grateful I had the opportunity to learn from her.”
– Jessica Elliott, Fiction Author
Service: Marketing Coaching

“Janeen Ippolito has been an amazing help to me as a writer.  She engages with my world, offering encouragement and continually challenging me to grow in developing my own voice in writing my stories.  It’s a joy to work with someone who enjoys both the process and the product of writing!”
-Hannah Keeler, Author, Winner of NaNoWriMo
Services: Content Evaluation and Author Coaching

“Ahhh, that sense of calm, when you have a clear direction about your goals.”
-RJ Metcalf
Service: Author Coaching